Saturday, 5 March 2011

Were coming soon!

Dear users of iPixel Hotel,

I would like to announce something big, and exciting at the same time...
iPixel Hotel will be opening soon, and will have a lot more features.

Well, I don't want to get you too excited, so I will post here when the hotel is officially opened.
(Looking for coders when the hotel opens)

We will be selling VIP half price for the first 2 weeks of the hotel grand opening, originally $4.00 (Per month), and will be $2.00 per month for the first 2 weeks. (You can buy as much months as you want.)

Well, that's all for now...

Learning more HTML, PHP and C#!

I am currently taking my own time to learn the following languages;

And C#

This is going to help me code better in the future, and it will give me more knowledge of the language(s).
I have went to the local library and borrowed a book on how to code PHP, I have not got to read it yet. But to let you guys know, it's over 600 pages long. So looks like I will have a long weekend if I decide to read it, if I don't I will do it some other time, when I have spare time... I have also opened up a small website for my Layouts I code, found here;
And they download link(s) to all the demos are found on the Habbo Section > Habbo Layouts and Customs, or simply click here to view the forum. My account is; Exacto on RaGEZONE, so if you need me just PM me.

Friday, 4 March 2011

Development of iUberEmu

iUberEmu R63+, Development + Release;
iUberEmu is a edit of UberEmu, made for iPixel Hotel, and other private servers.
With this unique emulator, you will be able to emulate your hotel without problems ;) But be aware, that the emulator is still in development and still needs working on!

But even tho it's not done, it's still a good choice to use for private use!
You can find the development + release thread, here;

Please report all bugs to;

Launching Of iPixel Gaming

It's been an exiting year for us already, here at iPixel Gaming...
We have been doing some major updates to the hotel, so iPixel Hotel will be down for a while, and will be back up in no time! But, lots of downtime must mean something. Well, yes, something big did happen! Read on;

Dear iPixel Fans & Players,
I would like to announce some small updates, and losses. First of all, we are very sorry to say, but we had to do a user reset, so we lost all our 1, 000 + registered users...
But to make up on what I did, I have decided to take my own time and upgrade iPixel Hotel... And it is going well so far, with a new catalog and all the updated furniture we hole we can open soon! BUT there is another problem, wee need money to buy a VPS/or Dedicated server. So If you would like to donate, even $1.00, please send the money VIA PayPal, to my PayPal account;
So, welcome to iPixel's blog, where you will find lots of updates!

-DaCoderLiam / Owner of iPixel Gaming!